Dreaming a Greener Future

A Yagua Shaman might tell you: "At the very beginning, before the birth of the Earth here, our most distant ancestors lived on another earth ... ", that human beings were created by twins, and that the Amazon was created by wood-eating insects. He would also certainly tell you to trust your dreams.

From south to north, from the Andes to the Atlantic, the people of the rainforest dream of a better future--a future that is green with hope, productivity and peace.

Sleeping under the canopy of clouds and stars, with only a bit of netting to separate you from the rainforest, what is your dream? Share it as you complete this course with the assignments on our course platform.

Then don't forget the dreams you had in the Amazon. There are many organizations devoted to preserving the rainforest including The Nature ConservancyDream Change Coalition, and CONAPAC.